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Last month, new member of the Gower Getaways team Rhiannon experienced her first taste of rock climbing at the beautiful Three Cliffs Bay with Gower Adventures. Here's how she got on!


"The thought of pulling myself up a near vertical rock face with my clinging fingers has always put a fear of dread in me. I am not what you would consider athletic by any means and I struggle to complete one press-up, so as we approached Three Cliffs Bay in Gower I wondered how ridiculous I would look trying to hoist myself up the cliff with the strength of a dandelion. 

The panoramic views surrounding the beach are breathtaking. The beach really is a sun-trap and the bright blue sea was reflecting the bright blue sky. If this was the day I was going to die, at least I would die happy in the knowledge that my beloved hometown was looking its finest.

Little did I know, I was far, far, far from any injury. I can honestly say I felt as safe in that harness, supported by my team mates as I did walking through the beautiful valley on the route down. 

As a group of six we were carefully guided through everything in a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere. Simon explained how to wear our safety harnesses and check each others. We also wore helmets and learnt how to tie different types of knots. We watched in awe as Simon scrambled the rock face to the top. He waved to us as he attached the ropes and scrambled back down. 

In teams of three we learned how to belay each other as we took turns to climb the rock and abseil back down. It is extremely safe and depends on everyone working as a team.

Communication between the climber and the belayers is integral as the team holding the ropes determine how far the climber can go. 

When we all were at the top of the cliff we could really appreciate the view. Three Cliffs is by far my favorite beach on the Gower and from the top of the actual cliffs, it was even more breathtaking than down on the sand.

Rock Climbing and Abseiling with Simon from Gower Adventures was exciting, interesting, invigorating, refreshing, and over all rewarding. 

Simon made everybody feel safe and welcome. I was part of a group of six, four whom I had not met before, but throughout the afternoon I really got to know them. This was fantastic for team building and bonding, and I could recommend this activity not only for parties and days out but also for businesses to create stronger teams and employee bonds.

There is an euphoric feeling of self accomplishment that accompanies this activity. I was surprised and proud by my ability to support my own weight like that. The ropes and harnesses were just there incase I fell, however their presence gave me the confidence to succeed. They worked like a placebo, allowing me to believe it was the ropes helping me up when really it was all me. I will always recommend trying this - even if you only go once! Especially down in the Gower with Gower Adventures when the sun is shining! (I would also recommend wearing sunscreen!!)"

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